What is Boudoir? 

 That is the first question that I am asked. The meaning of the word Boudoir is 'a woman's private room or bedroom'. In photography this can be translated into the studio, in a client's home, or hotel room.  In other words, intimate portraiture in a private setting.

Why have a Boudoir session?

As a Gift. Whether it is a Wedding Gift or just something extra special for that special someone, you can be guaranteed that this is a gift to be remembered!

A Celebration.  New job promotion, recent weight loss, or perhaps you just reached a personal goal that needs to be celebrated!  Boudoir is a perfect way to promote confidence and self awareness.

Just Because. Life is crazy sometimes, correction, most.of.the.time!!  Maybe you are so busy with the day-to-day you need to do something special for your inner goddess or vixen!  Step out of your comfort zone and invest in yourself.  I promise that you will not regret it! 

With Third Floor Boudoir trust that your images are just that - your images.  Any image you see on the Third Floor Website and other Social Media sites are shared with permission.  


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