Welcome to Nashville, Indiana's premier boudoir studio - Third Floor Boudoir.  

Third Floor is a full service Boudoir Studio that provides clients with an unique photography experience.  Once you contact Third Floor you will be walked through the process - discovering how easy and stress free it will be. You will be guided with your wardrobe choices to make your session one of a kind, you will meet with a professional stylist to be pampered prior to the shoot and the session, itself, could not be more fun. During the session, I will use savvy posing techniques - posing you right down to your down to your toes, you will be jamming out to your favorite music, laughing at a friend on the sideline, or at my silly jokes, but all the while exceptional art emerges.  

Art that is YOU!  

Third Floor Boudoir

812-345-5928 | 61 N Main St. Nashville, Indiana 47448


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